Town collecting COVID Stories as a part of community’s history

May 6, 2020

Archives are the stewards of our community’s collective history. History is happening now, and the Okotoks Museum and Archives is encouraging residents to document their experiences with COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is a shared global experience, made up of individual experiences. 

“Residents sharing their personal stories and photos will help ensure we capture and document these individual, yet collective, experiences, and the impact on our residents’ lives in this unprecedented time in history,” said Kathy Coutts, Museum and Archives Specialist. “Imagine if no one had documented the Spanish Flu one hundred years ago. We would have no records of how that pandemic affected our community.”

Coutts says it is important to document stories and experiences so that future generations can understand what it was like to live through such a historic event. Coutts is looking for a wide variety of perspectives and stories; she encourages residents and community members to submit responses in a variety of forms, and whatever is most meaningful to them. “Residents can write a paragraph, create a poem, or submit a photograph, document or drawing – these all serve to capture history in a unique and interesting way.”

Whether a teacher, a student, health care professional, parent, traveler, business owner, politician, or survivor, Coutts wants residents to know that every story matters. Residents are encourages to consider these questions before sharing a story:

  • What do you want future generations to know about how you experienced this pandemic? 
  • How has the COVID–19 pandemic affected you?
  • How has it affected your education, social life, graduation, family dynamics, job hunt, opportunity to play sports or hang out with friends? 

Collecting these experiences will ensure this historically significant period is documented and preserved. Submissions are accepted online, or please call 403-938-8969 if residents have questions. There is no deadline to submit.

Please note: Hard-copies of documents, videos, photographs, artwork, etc. will be accepted in person only after the Okotoks Museum and Archives re-opens.

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