• Okotoks Culture Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties for Creative Kids

Celebrate with us! The Okotoks Culture and Heritage team is proud to offer several fun birthday parties for kids of all ages, where each party is specially designed with the birthday child in mind.

To book a birthday party, please call 403.938.3204 or email culture@okotoks.ca.

Choose from three different types of parties!
Movie Parties @ Rotary Performing Arts Centre

Celebrate your child’s next birthday, Hollywood style! Choose from our list of popular movies to enjoy in our theatre setting all to yourself with just your friends and family. The party includes:

  • popcorn and a great gathering space for serving cake and after-movie activities
  • choice of movie. Choose from a large list of popular family-friendly movies

NOTE: Parents supply cake, refreshments and activities after the movie. 

Max: 25 guests
Cost: $175 + GST
Booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance is recommended.  
Painting Parties @ the Okotoks Art Gallery

Book a unique, creative birthday experience at the art gallery!  All parties are facilitated by an experienced artist/teacher. You choose from 4 different art party themes:


Bring white, cotton shirts, leggings, pillow cases or socks and colour them beautiful! Ages 9+

Canvas Painting:

A theme chosen from a current gallery exhibition with a fun take-home work of art. Ages 8+

No Brushes!

Painting on canvases using everything EXCEPT paint brushes. Ages 5+ 

“Simon Says” Art Party:

Follow the leader to complete your mystery painting. Ages 7+

NOTE: Parents supply refreshments

Cost: $175 + GST
Max: 15 children
Booking at least 2 weeks in advance is recommended.  

Historic Parties @ the Okotoks Museum & Archives

Book a unique birthday experience!  All parties are facilitated by an experienced artist/teacher. You choose from 2 different art party themes:

Princesses and Farley the Frog Tea Party

Young girls and boys come dressed in your best for a traditional tea party. Arrive dressed up, hear our story about Farley Frog, have ‘tea’ in china cups, and create a tiara, crown or bracelet to complete your royal attire. Ages 4 to 7

History of Toys

Learn about popular toys and games and their history. Did you know that the yo-yo was the first toy to go into outer space? Party includes a museum tour and making an old-fashioned toy to take home. Ages 5 to 9

NOTE: Parents supply refreshments

Cost: $175 + GST
Max: 15 children
Booking at least 2 weeks in advance is recommended.  

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the birthday party?

Birthday party bookings are 2 hours. The first hour is led by the birthday party facilitator completing your program of choice (i.e. an art activity, museum activity or movie). The second hour is the hosting parent’s responsibility. This is when families usually have cake, open presents, play additional games with the children.

What will we be doing?

This is dependent on the program booked. The birthday party facilitator spends the first hour of your booking with the children completing the chosen activity. For example, completing a painting with the children in an art-themed party; reading a story and guiding children in a craft in a museum-themed party; or facilitating a movie in a theatre-themed party.

Where do the parties take place?

Movie birthday parties are at the Rotary Performing Arts Centre (3 Elma Street). Gallery/ art birthday parties are split between two buildings: the first hour is spent in the Okotoks Art Gallery studio (53 North Railway St.) completing a hands-on art project and the second hour is directly next door in the attic of the Okotoks Musem & Archives (49 North Railway St.) where time for food, cake, presents is provided. Museum birthday parties are in the third floor attic of the Okotoks Museum & Archives.

Are your buildings wheelchair accessible?

The Rotary Performing Arts Centre is equipped with an elevator and is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately only the first floor of the Okotoks Art Gallery and the Okotoks Museum are wheelchair accessible. The Okotoks Art Gallery studio and the Okotoks Museum & Archives attic are not accessible.

What is the cost?

$175 + GST. Payment due at time of booking. 

Will we have time for presents and cake?

Yes the second hour of your party is when you will have time for children to eat, open presents, and/or play additional games.

Who is responsible for hosting the party?

Those booking the birthday party are the hosts of the party and are responsible for all children attending.

Do parents have to stay during the party?

Only the persons hosting the party must stay during the booking. Additional parents are welcome to drop their children off and pick them up at the end of the party.

Who provides food, drink, cake? Is there a fridge available?

We do not provide any food, drinks, or cake. This is the responsibility of those persons booking the party. There is a small fridge available at the Museum. A larger fridge is also available for use at the Gallery.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes. The party space will be set up with the appropriate amount of tables and chairs. Basic table cloths are also provided.

Is the space decorated?

No. Families are welcome to arrive 20 - 15 minutes prior to the start of their booking to decorate the space if they desire.

Is there a limit to the amount of children who can attend?

Yes. The maximum amount of children is 15. Exceptions are made for movie party bookings as the theatre allows for a greater number of guests but this must be discussed at time of booking.

Is there a list of movies available?

We can provide a list of recommended films. Additionally you may search for your chosen movie HERE. Movies shown as available are not guaranteed and we recommended you provide a selection of at least three.

How should children dress for art birthday parties?

Smocks are available for art parties. So children can come dressed to get messy or dressed at their best!

Can younger siblings participate in older siblings activities (or vice versa)?


Who is responsible for clean up?

While we always appreciate when families tidy up a bit before leaving, we will clean the space once your party has finished.

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