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Welcome to the Town of Okotoks map links page.  This page will act as the focal point for all currently available public access maps pertaining to the town. The maps currently available are listed below.

There is no plug-in required for the eMaps, all that is required is internet access. The rest of the maps are in Adobe pdf format, and are read in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download a free copy of this reader. 

Open Data Portal

Click here to access the open data portal maps

Products & Services

Maps are available for purchase through GIS & Mapping Services. 

Digital Map Pricing

Specific Requests

  • Digital Colour Orthophoto* - $500 Entire Orthophoto
  • Legal Survey Fabric* - $300 Entire Data Set
  • Deep Utility Information* - $300 Entire Data Set
  • Water-Sanitary-Storm - $125 per layer or 3-layers for $300 and upon managerial approval.
  • Contour Layer* - $300 Entire Data Set
  • LIDAR Layer* - $300 Entire Data Set
  • DVD Media Charge for Data - $15 per DVD
  • PDF File Generation - $20 per File

* Minimum charge $ 100

^Legal Survey Fabric can also be added at no extra charge.

Please note all of the above figures do not include GST.


Hard Copy Map Pricing

Black and White Maps of Okotoks (Address, Legal, or Land Use) are available for commercial sale at the Municipal Centre. These maps cost $10 CDN each. For more specific mapping requests, please see below.

Hard Copy Map Pricing - Specific Requests

  • Black-Line Plot A1 $20
  • Black-Line Plot A0 $30
  • Colour Plot A0 $60
  • Colour Airphoto A0 $100

Map Size specifics are as follows: An AO sheet size measures 36" by 48" inches, while an A1 sheet size measures 22" by 34" inches.

* Please note that the cost of each map type can also be prorated according to size. However, a minimum charge applies to each.
* All of the above figures do not include GST

​GIS & Mapping Inquiries

Contact us for any GIS or mapping inquiries. 

GIS Services

Phone: 403-938-8962 or 403-938-8931 or Email us.

Mapping Site Terms of Use

The information displayed on these web pages is provided as a public service by the Town of Okotoks on the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Use

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