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Business Licensing

The Town of Okotoks requires all businesses that are operating, working, providing or selling a product or service within or partially within the town corporate boundaries to possess a valid Okotoks business license, as established in the Okotoks Business License Bylaw 20-13.

Non-Resident, Temporary, Trade Show, Special Event or Market Business License Application: This includes any person or business that does not have a permanent location within Okotoks but is conducting business in the Town:  Start here  

Home-based or Store-front Business


The Business Development Intake Form provides information for: Planning Services, Safety Code Services, Fire Services, and Business Licensing to ensure any premises that a business wishes to occupy, within the boundaries of Okotoks, is ready to operate from and complies with the Okotoks Land Use Bylaw, Alberta Building and Fire Codes and the Okotoks Business License Bylaw.

01 - Intake Form

Before opening your business in Okotoks, you will need a business license.  Depending on the details of your proposal, you may also need one or more of the following:

  • Development Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Fire Inspection

When you complete the Business Intake Form, the information you provide will be reviewed and you will receive a notification regarding which permit(s) and inspection(s) are needed, if any, before your business license can be issued.01

02 - Development Permit

In some cases, a Development Permit is needed before a Business License can be considered.  A Development Permit is written approval from the Town that your business complies with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw.

Non-Resident Businesses do not require a Development Permit. 

Generally, you will need a Development Permit if your application involves a use that’s listed as a ‘discretionary’ use in the zoning where you propose to locate; if your application involves a variance, or relaxation, from the regulations in the Land Use Bylaw; if your home-based business is classified as a “Major” Home Occupation; or if your proposal is otherwise not exempt from a Development Permit under the Land Use Bylaw.

03 - Building and Safety Codes Permits

A Building Permit and other Safety Codes Permits (e.g. electrical, plumbing, gas, HVAC) may be required before the business is approved for opening, for example if there are renovations or tenant improvements being undertaken; or if the business moving in is classified differently under the Alberta Building Code than the previous business (e.g. going from a commercial to an industrial use, or from a retail store to a restaurant).

04 - Fire Inspection

A Fire Inspection may be required before the space can be occupied or opened to the public.  Fire inspections are generally not required for home-based businesses.

05 - Business License

The Town of Okotoks is pleased to welcome your new, expanding or relocated business! The Business License will be the last step in the process.  In some cases, the business must demonstrate relevant non-municipal approvals have been received before the license will be issued.  Examples include child care licensing; AMVIC approvals; and AGLC approvals.

3 Steps to Your Business License
01 - Submit Application

Responsibility: Applicant

Timeline: Applicant-Driven

Complete the Business License Application sent to you following submission of your Intake form and submit it with payment of the fee specified in the Application and proof of credentials where required under Business License Bylaw 20-13. You will be notified following review of your intake form if proof of credentials is required.

Professionals exempted from a municipal business license under provincial legislation are asked to register their business via the business license application process. Fees do not apply to professionals exempted under provincial legislation.

02 - Other Permits and inspections

Responsibility: Applicant and Municipal/Provincial departments as relevant to the application

Timeline: Applicant and Process-driven; on completion of all other relevant processes

Depending on the nature of the application, other municipal approvals may include any or all of the following:

- Development Permit

- Building and Safety Codes Permits

- Fire Inspection.

Depending on the type of business, Provincial approvals may include:

- Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC)

- Alberta Health Services

- Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC)

- Provincial Child Care Licensing,

- Taxi Registration/Insurance,

and any other approvals or registrations that are relevant to your type of business.


03 - Issue Business license

Responsibility: Okotoks Business Licensing 

Timeline: Within 7 business days following completion of step 2 

Once the Licensing Officer has received all required documentation from the Applicant, and proof of completion of all other municipal and provincial requirements, the Business License will be issued.


Renewing Your Business License

You may pay your annual business license fee online with Visa or MasterCard on our Virtual Town Hall.

All revenues received from the licensing of businesses in the Town of Okotoks are used to enhance and improve economic development initiatives and projects in Okotoks