Bylaw Consultation and Public Hearings

Public Hearings are a way for the Town to consult or engage with the public on bylaws.  Some examples of bylaws that have a significant effect on citizens are animal or traffic control; changes to land use; development permits where Council is the development authority.  Bylaws are typically posted on the Town website and/or heard at at either a Statutory or Non-Statutory Public Hearing. 

Statutory Public Hearings are legislated under the Municipal Government Act  to allow public input regarding proposed land use bylaws or resolutions.  Non-Statutory Public Hearings are provided at the discretion of the municipality to allow the community an opportunity to obtain information or provide comment regarding planning applications or bylaws that may affect residents.  Residents are encouraged to provide feedback or participate in Public Hearings to ensure Council receives all perspectives from the public before passing a bylaw or approving a development permit. Please note that any feedback, including letters, emails, or in person, become part of the public record and may be published in a Council agenda package which is posted on the Town website for public viewing.  

Residents who prefer to make a submission for a public hearing in writing, or those who are requesting to make an oral presentation during the public hearing are asked to use the "SUBMIT" button below. 

Please indicate in the subject line if the submission is for a Public Hearing or a request to make an oral presentation.​   In order for an item to be included in the Council agenda package, the submission must be received by noon on the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting.  


Public Hearings are scheduled on the same day as Regular Council Meetings and begin at 7:00 p.m.  Public Hearings are advertised in the local paper and on the Town website.  All area residents directly affected by the proposal are also notified. 

Upcoming Public Hearing

There are currently no Public Hearings scheduled.

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