Northridge Drive Urbanization Project

To accommodate current development and plan for future growth, the Town needs to make upgrades to Northridge Drive.  Upgrades are needed to create uniformity throughout the corridor.  Presently, the north end of Northridge Drive (between 338 Avenue & Sandstone Gate) is a 4-lane rural standard and requires upgrades to meet growing demand and the overall vision for the Town's future growth.  To view map of project area, please click the button below.


Current Construction

Phase 2

Lane Closure Between Northridge & Milligan Drives

Please be aware that rubberized pathway installation along Milligan Drive will occur over the next several days.  To complete the work, there will be a lane closure in place between Northridge Drive and Veterans Way (click button).  Please watch for and obey signage and use caution in the area. 

Lane Closure Area

Upcoming Traffic Pattern Change on Northridge Drive
Please be advised that there will be a traffic pattern change on Northridge Drive tentatively beginning Friday, August 28.  Drivers will need to cross over the median near Honda/Chevy dealerships where there will be two-way traffic northbound as shown in the image below (click button).  Please watch for traffic controls, signage, personnel, equipment & use caution in the area.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience.


Southbound Lane Closure on Northridge Dr
As part of phase two of the Northridge Drive urbanization project, there will be a southbound lane closure on Northridge Drive.  This closure will begin August 20 and last approximately two weeks.  Please expect traffic disruptions, watch for signage, workers, equipment and use caution in the area.  The main alternate north/south route will be 32nd Street.

Phase two is expected to be complete later in the fall, weather permitting.  This phase will include constructing a new intersection north of Banister Gate and upgrading approximately 400m of Northridge Drive by developing a multi-use pathway, curb, gutter, underground stormwater infrastructure, landscaping, traffic signals and widening the road. See images of work area and designs below. This work is being done to support commercial development in the D’Arcy subdivision. 


Work Area

More Information
Overall Project Details

In alignment with the Town’s 2016 Transportation Master Plan, the following recommended upgrades are required for the long-term:

​• Road widening (from 4 to 6 lanes)
• Roadway upgrades (e.g. curbs, gutters)
• New accesses with signalized intersection
• Stormwater ponds
• Landscaping (e.g. planters, boulevards, trees)
• Active transportation upgrades (e.g. multi-use pathways, improved network connections)

The goal of this project is to provide sustainable, well-organized vehicle and pedestrian movement and community-driven infrastructure by creating a vibrant and well-connected transportation network for residents and visitors.  The aim is to also supplement new neighbourhood growth, encourage active living and improve daily commutes.

Public Engagement Summary

Public engagement (open house, pop-up events and online survey) was in the summer and fall of 2019.  To review the information that was presented, please click the button below.


To learn what we heard, please review the summary and report by clicking the buttons below.


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