Master Plans

Long range plans and other policy documents, including area structure plans for different neighbourhoods and various overarching regional strategies, support the community in achieving its sustainability objectives. Public participation in the creation of each plan ensures that the community’s priorities and vision for Okotoks are captured and reflected.  The Town encourages resident engagement and welcomes the opportunity to obtain the public’s input.

The following long-range community planning documents and tools establish a foundation to guide the community’s future over the next 20 years.

Recreation, Parks & Leisure Master Plan

The Recreation, Parks, & Leisure Master Plan was approved by Council in May 2017. The plan identifies future requirements for facilities, programs, services, and anticipated facility costs, and will serve as a guideline for decision making for the next 20 years.  

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Downtown Urban Design Master Plan

The Downtown Urban Design Master Plan provides a new long-term vision for development in the downtown area by embracing environmentally friendly infrastructure, and by creating inviting public spaces, active streetscapes and architectural innovation, while maintaining historical character.

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Environmental Master Plan

After 12 months of robust community and stakeholder engagement, the Environmental Master  Plan (EMP) was finalized and approved by Town Council in October 2018. The EMP is a comprehensive long-term community plan that identifies, prioritizes and sets specific goals and targets for key environmental initiatives for the Town and the community. It encompasses all aspects of the environment, from developing new land, to sustainable practices for energy, water, waste, emissions, urban forests, construction, and transportation networks – anything that impacts the natural world.

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Social Wellness Framework

The Social Wellness Framework connects the factors identified as laying a key role in social wellness in Okotoks. It is also provides the framework for the Town to build a safe, connected, caring and creative community.  Social wellness is one of three components of community sustainability, integrating and overlapping with economic and environmental sustainability.

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Growing together: Culture, Heritage and Arts Master Plan II (CHAMP)

CHAMP II is a roadmap to build a more vibrant culture for our community. The plan lays out a framework that links the desired long-term future of culture, heritage and arts in Okotoks with short-term activity. This framework identifies actions for the first five years of implementation, but includes a 15 to 20-year approach that allows monitoring, learning and adaptation over time.

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The Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary long-range planning document that establishes a holistic vision for the Town that guides overall growth and development for the Town. The Town is currently developing a new plan that will direct Okotoks future growth. Public participation will play a major role in determining the final document, which is scheduled for completion in 2019.

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