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Outdoor Rinks & Toboggan Hills

Outdoor Rinks

To help keep the rinks in good shape, please stay off of "closed" rinks altogether and "open" rinks when they are soft such as immediately after a flood or on warm afternoons when temperatures are above zero. 

Toboggan Hills 

Once it snows, they're good to go! The recent snowfall has been perfect to create a good base for toboggan hills. Please only toboggan at the locations listed below.

Rink Locations

Rinks are snow cleared and flooded as resources permit on normal business days. Please stay off the ice while it is being flooded or cleared of snow. Please be courteous to other skaters and adjacent property owners. Recreational skaters have the right of way over hockey play. CSA-approved helmets must be worn when hockey sticks are in hand. The rinks are unsupervised and helmets are strongly recommended.

Kinsmen Rink, Okotoks Recreation Centre, 99 Okotoks DriveClosed
Ardiel Park, 20 Ardiel DriveClosed
Cedar Grove Park, 103 Lock CrescentClosed
Suntree Park, 24 Suntree LaneClosed
Drake Landing, 26 Drake Landing GardensClosed
Westridge Close Park, 118 Westridge CloseClosed
Hughes Park, 197 Woodgate RdClosed
Cimarron Park, 175 Cimarron Dr.Closed

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Outdoor Rink & Toboggan Hill Map

Toboggan Hill Locations

Tobogganing hills are inspected for hazards, but are not groomed. Unattended jumps will be removed. Helmet use while sledding is also strongly recommended. These amenities are free for public use and a great way to get the whole family active during winter.

Cimarron Park, 101 Cimarron Drive
Cedar Grove Park, 103 Lock Crescent
Drake Landing Drive Soccer Park, 45 Drake Landing Drive
Henderson Park, 191 Cimarron Vista Way
Kinsmen Park, 111 Oak Avenue (mowed bowl area only)

Wathen Park, 17 Westfall Green

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How to Get an Outdoor Rink in Your Community

Parks currently maintains nine outdoor rinks at various locations around Okotoks. Locations may change from year to year and there may be an opportunity to bring a temporary outdoor rink to your community. Click here to find out how.

Safety Tips

Fire Services and Municipal Enforcement would like to remind residents that there is a real danger of falling through the ice on storm retention ponds and the Sheep River due to changing water levels. Water quality and changing weather conditions, ice quality and thickness can be significantly reduced. Storm pond water/ice contact is prohibited. It is dangerous to walk, play or skate on any open bodies of water.

Is there an outdoor boarded rink with hard surface and lights in Okotoks future?

In 2015 a 'best location' was selected for an outdoor boarded rink with hard surface and lights to be located west of the Okotoks Spray Park.  It was initially going to be located at John Paul II Collegiate but it was determined it wouldn't fit with their expansion of portables and increased demand for parking.

An amended project business case was brought to the Town Council for consideration and the project wasn't supported due to competing priorities for capital dollars. The cost of adding hard surface and lights put the project around the half million mark, a little steep for 2 months of natural ice at this time. It was decided at the time there was much better value in the Pason Centennial Arena expansion.

Now that the Pason Centennial Arena, and the immediate demands for indoor ice have been addressed, Town administration would then look again at the viability of this type of outdoor rink facility along with other outdoor recreation priorities as identified in the Recreation, Parks and Leisure Master Plan.

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