Park Access Permit

Are you looking to access the rear or side of your property to have work completed or to receive a delivery? To access or drive across public lands, a park access permit is required. Please complete the park access permit form at least 2 business days prior to requesting access.  

Due to restrictions of access to Town buildings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, payment for park access permits can be made over the phone with a credit card by calling the Municipal Center at 403-938-4404.  Alternatively, you can print out a copy of the permit and put it along with a cheque or cash in the drop box located at the front door of the Municipal Center (5 Elizabeth Street).

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Park Access Permit

Are you planning a project that requires access through or across Town land? Then you require a park access permit.

A park access permit allows identified vehicles access to specific areas for a designated time to perform necessary work.  An inspection of the site would occur before and after the work is completed.  Municipal Enforcement is notified in advance of approved permits to help them field complaints regarding potential unauthorized access.  The fee for a park access permit is $40 per site or $100 per year for multiple access permits.   With annual permits, a pre-and post-inspection is still done by the Town for each site. Note that the permit request may take up to 48 hours to process. 

A park access permit is required for all vehicular access on or across public lands. Access must be pre-authorized to ensure all public open spaces are protected from unnecessary damage such as ruts in the turf, broken irrigation components, soil compaction, damage to asphalt/concrete works, and damage to trees as per the Open Spaces and Recreation Facilities Bylaw.  Public lands include designated parks, natural areas, cemeteries, joint-use school grounds as well as boulevards, medians and traffic islands.  Repairs include returning the damaged area to the pre-existing conditions and to the satisfaction of the Town.

To request a Park Access Permit fill out the online form by clicking the button below.  We recommend completing this form on your mobile device for ease of picture uploading. In order to complete this form, vehicle information is needed (i.e. license #, proof of liability, etc).


For more information, contact Parks at 403-938-8958.

Recreational Vehicles

Want to park your RV in your backyard but don't have a driveway? For more information about this and other RV parking details, please click the button below.