Community Sustainability

In 2012, due to external growth pressures in the region, the Town of Okotoks, after three years of public consultation, transitioned from the finite growth model of the Town's 1998 Legacy Plan to one of continued managed growth. This decision was grounded in sustainability and resiliency; progressing our town’s desire to responsibly manage our physical form and protect our community atmosphere while being adaptable to inevitable changes and external forces. Building and maintaining a sustainable and resilient community is an ongoing process, one that requires continuous growth of knowledge and capacity within the community. When navigating a course towards our desired future, it is vital to understand that Okotoks does not exist in a bubble. There are a variety of forces that will influence the community, regardless of what Okotoks does. The key is how the community responds and adapts to these changes over time, while still productively working towards our shared vision for the future.

Community Vision

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Future Development

Flood Plain
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Environmental Master Plan

Environmental Master Plan engagement
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