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Community Vision

Town of Okotoks Community Vision

The Town of Okotoks is resilient, where people, businesses, ideas and sense of community thrive. Grounded by the Sheep River valley and supported by thoughtful planning and design, a strong local economy and a vibrant civic culture, Okotoks offers exceptional quality of life at every stage of life. Respect for each other and the natural environment makes Okotoks home.


Livable Okotoks

​People make Okotoks the caring, safe and welcoming place that it is. Public spaces are cherished, natural features are valued, and community needs are met. An appropriate mix of land uses, mobility options, infrastructure and accessible, affordable and equitable services provide the foundation for sustainable growth. High-quality educational opportunities support life-long learning. The transportation network is multi-modal, allowing for the environmentally responsible and cost-effective movement of people and goods.

Vibrant Civic Culture & Heritage

Residents joyfully embrace Okotoks, and cultivate a rich quality of life. Okotoks provides access to a wide range of cultural resources, fostering audiences, participants and creators who contribute to community building and economic development. The strong tradition of community events is a hallmark of living in Okotoks. Residents are engaged in civic life, and Town Council and administration promote open dialogue.

Inclusive Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods are connected, fostering a sense of community among residents. Housing is flexible, affordable and desirable, and meets the needs of residents of all ages, income levels and family types. Design and architecture create places that reflect neighbourhood culture. Community gathering spaces are animated and anchor neighbourhoods. Streets are lively and engaging places, where people can move around in a safe and inclusive environment. New communities are permeable and connected to encourage active transportation.

​Active Lifestyle

Residents enjoy an active lifestyle that nurtures community well-being. Health and wellness facilities support the needs of residents at every stage of life. Opportunities for sport and play are accessible in high-quality recreation facilities, multi-use civic buildings and a complete parks and open space network. These public spaces strengthen the bond between residents, and to the places they share.

Sustainable Design

The places and spaces that make up Okotoks are designed with the environment in mind. Energy, air, land and water conservation are critical elements integrated into all planning and development projects. Okotoks is a leader in low-impact, environmentally conscious design. Creative resources, advanced technologies and respect for nature create a unique sense of place based on environmental stewardship. Regional and local transit provides efficient transportation alternatives and reduces vehicle use.

Local Economy

Okotoks-based employment and businesses strengthen the economy. Okotoks takes a collaborative approach to economic growth, creating new opportunities that complement the region. Okotoks promotes innovation and attracts green businesses and industries. A thriving downtown supports economic development. Okotoks is a place to live, work and play, where short commute times enable residents to actively engage in their community.


Themes and Values

Thank you, Okotoks, for your participation in the visioning process and for providing us you ideas around what builds a great community. Through the three project phases, you provided over 2,500 comments that have assisted in shaping the community themes and values.

Please see the detailed Themes and Values! 

What We Heard Report

The What We Heard Report summarizes what the community consultation team heard from the public over the course of the project (September - December 2014) and how the team analyzed the information received. A detailed record of all comments received is provided within the Appendices of the Report.

The Okotoks Community Visioning 2014 - What We Heard Report