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Environmental Education Resources

Please note: due to the latest announcements from Alberta Health Services regarding COVID-19, we will not be offering field trips and presentations at our Environmental Education Centre until further notice.

BUT... check out some of our online educational activities below, that kids can do at home!

Environmental Education at Home

Since we can't visit your classroom and you can't come visit the Environmental Education Centre, we thought we would provide a field-trip experience that you can participate in at home!

Each topic includes a short presentation, an activity to do at home or around Okotoks, and some additional resources to learn from.

Kids (and parents), if you have any questions, we'd love to answer them! Click on the Contact button to send us an email, and we will get back to you in two days if not sooner.

Happy learning!

Ps. We are working hard to develop more educational resources. Continue checking back here!

Composting and Your Green Cart

What do decomposing plants, animal manure, and organics in your green cart all have in common? They all become compost! Check out the presentation and activities below to learn more about the great things compost does for soil and plants, and how you can have a positive impact on the environment by simply using your green cart.


Crazy About Compost



Compost and Plant Growth Experiment

Compost Tea Bag Activity

Okotoks Waste Sorting Game



What are pollinators and what is pollination? Learn about the creatures who make flowers, fruit, veggies, and seeds a possibility! 

Click on the buttons below to start your learning adventure! 


Our Pollinator Pals



Grow Plants for Pollinators

May 5, 2020 - These are seeds growing right now, almost ready for transplanting. It took around 2 weeks for the seeds to sprout. What will you try to grow?

Other Great Activities & Resources!


Bumble Bee Nest House Instructions

Alberta Native Bee Council Website

Water Treatment in Okotoks

Where does our water come from when you flush your toilet, have a bath or wash your dishes?  Learn how our water is cleaned before you use it in a virtual step by step walk-through of the water treatment facility. 


The Story of Okotoks' Water



Leaky Toilet Test


Other Activities & Resources

Hunt for water leaks in your home



What is a wetland? Why are they important to our community and to our ecosystem? Click on the links below to have all of your questions about wetlands answered!




Tour the Sheep River, Beatrice Wyndham pond (a constructed wetland), and storm ponds in Okotoks to see how these ecosystems compare to natural wetlands. Use the map of local storm ponds to find your destination and the Field Notebook to record your findings!

Okotoks' Water Bodies

Field Notebook  

Other Activities & Resources

Wetlands Demonstration

Wondrous Wetlands  

Fabulous Wetlands 


Okotoks' Storm Water System (Coming Soon!)

How do lawn fertilizer, dog poop, and car leakages affect plants and animals in the river?  How does our storm water system work in Okotoks? Answer these questions and more by checking out the presentation and activities below!


Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Other Resources

Coming Soon


Waste in Our World (Coming Soon!)

Do you know where your waste ends up and what it gets turned into? Learn how proper waste disposal can help the environment by reducing waste going to the landfill and avoiding using up natural resources.  Did you know that landfills are specially designed to prevent pollution of the environment?  Learn about your waste and what you can do with it to help the planet below!


Coming Soon



Waste Sorting Game


Other Resources

Virtual Landfill Tour

Tour of Okotoks - by Westmount School Students

Find out what the Nature-Based Learning class from Westmount School recommends for exploring nature and fun places to go with your family in Okotoks.

Visit their website