Green Ambassadors

Are you someone who enjoys helping out in the local community and connecting with fellow residents?  Become an Green Ambassador!  The Green Ambassador volunteer position is a fantastic way for proactive citizens to engage with fellow members of the community through action and education. 


  • Help event attendees sort waste into the appropriate waste station bin (i.e. blue recycling bin, green organics bin, and black landfill bin)
  • Educate event attendees on proper waste disposal and strategies
  • Help with kid crafts at busy Town events
  • Help Conservation Educators with set up and take down at Green Living events or Town events.

*These are dependent on the type of event. Orientation and Training will be provided prior to each event (safety, sorting, common questions/concerns, etc.)

Skills & Qualifications

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of recyclable and compostable items
  • Able to properly sort waste into bins to avoid contamination and keep organics and recyclables out of the landfill
  • Strong people skills
  • Ability to maintain a friendly demeanor as attendees approach event waste stations


  • Have a positive impact on the Town of Okotoks' local community and environment
  • Gain valuable experience interacting with the general public, working in the environmental sector, and working at large events
  • Learn about recycling and organic waste diversion strategies that are occurring in and around Okotoks

Risks Associated

  • Contact with harmful waste

Dress Code at Events

  • Weather appropriate clothing and supplies:
    • Rain = jacket, boots, umbrella, etc.
    • Sunny/Hot = water bottle (fill up stations provided at events), sunscreen (some will be provided), hat, sunglasses, etc.
    • Comfortable shoes/footwear for all weather types
  • Additional necessary attire and supplies provided. 


If you are interested in this volunteer position, or if you require more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 403-938-8936 or by email.


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