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Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC) is a registered Canadian not for profit organization with a mission to conserve, protect, and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations.


Help tip the scales in the direction of fish protection! 

Available Programs
Yellow Fish Road™

The Yellow Fish Road™ Program celebrated its’ 25th Anniversary in 2016 and to-date, has a total of 48 program sponsorships, including the Town of Okotoks. The program has one simple message – anything entering the storm drain flows directly to the nearest water body, untreated. This includes litter, salt, soap, pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizers from lawns, driveways, sidewalks and roads.

Learn more about the Yellow Fish Road program in this great intro video!

Participants paint yellow fish, and the words “rainwater only” next to storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures, reminding residents to be mindful of what products are being placed down the storm drain.

Recommended: Grades 3-5 or small volunteer groups.

*If booking with the Conservation Educators, a classroom presentation is also included. 


NEW Water Edu-Kits

​This is a self-delivery program package with all the tools needed for youth to understand and monitor the health of their local waterbody, in this case, the Sheep River. Kits test seven parameters of water health including: 

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Biological Oxygen demand
  • Nitrate 
  • pH
  • Phosphate
  • Temperature 


The Water Edu-Kit includes:

  • A box to store and carry supplies
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide
  • Student field worksheets and activities
  • Water testing kits
  • Macro Invertebrate identification guide

Recommended: Grades 7-9

Interactive Classroom Presentations

*Presented by the Conservation Educators from May-June, and can be catered to varying time frames.


Kindergarten-Grade 3: A Healthy Watershed for Everyone

Curriculum Links:

Kindergarten – Environment & Community Awareness

Grade 1- Needs of Plants & Animals

Grade 2 – Small Crawling & Flying Things

Grade 3 – Animals’ Life Cycles

Presentation is specific to the Sheep River Watershed, including a hands-on demonstration of watershed components and hazards to its overall health.


Grade 4: Fish Life, Pollution, & Human Solutions

Curriculum Links: Waste in our World

Presentation is specific to species within the Sheep River, and includes interactive demonstrations on what a fish needs to live and maintaining a healthy watershed.  


Grade 5/6: Frogs, Wetlands, & Watersheds

Curriculum Links:

Grade 5: Wetlands

Grade 6: Trees & Shrubs

Presentation includes interactive demonstrations on the threatened Northern Leopard Frog and maintaining a healthy wetland.


Grades 7-9: Journey Down the River

Includes thought questions such as:

How does storm water pollution affect fish species? What’s in my watershed? What constitutes a healthy watershed?

Includes interactive demonstration on species within a watershed, their habitat, harmful pollutants, and concludes with a Jeopardy trivia game. 


For additional information, to participate in one of these valuable programs, or to organize a visit from the Conservation Educators visit our Education Resources page

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