Sustainable Policies & Guidelines

The Town of Okotoks offers many incentives to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, both for residents and in our own municipal operations. Listed are just some of the policies and guidelines that have been developed to ensure we are doing our best to encourage sustainable practices!

Corporate Environmental Stewardship Plan

Our Corporate Environmental Stewardship Plan has a number of initiatives to maintain our strong reputation as a precedent setting ‘green’ community and to adhere to our Sustainable Vision:

In the year 2030, Okotoks is a leader in sustainability, driven by an involved, connected and creative community. Through visionary leadership, citizens are engaged in maintaining a safe, caring and vital community that honours our culture, heritage and environment.”


The Town aims to preserve our precious water resources by conserving water through staff and building operations, installations, and practices. In addition, Town facilities plan to set annual water reduction targets for each facility. Water is conserved by using non potable water for irrigation purposes, by educating staff on water efficiency in open spaces, and promoting smart water use in staff operations and practices. The Town also uses non potable water or reuse water for washing vehicles when practicable and we strive to ensure that the Town's water hydrants meet minimum flow time requirements while conserving water during routine testing.

The Town continues to implement the Water Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity Plan to extend the useful life of our current waterworks infrastructure. This Plan:

  • defers the need for constructing new works;
  • achieves savings in capital and operating costs;
  • maintains and improves on the environmental state of our watershed; and
  • preserves our irreplaceable and invaluable water source for future generations.

By continuing to implement the Water Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity Plan, in conjunction with responsible road sanding/salt management and stormwater pond, wetland, and riparian zone maintenance practices, the Town will ensure the precious resources of the Sheep River are available for future generations!


The Town strives to consider the full lifecycle of products when purchasing and we utilize the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle hierarchy through the implementation and practice of the internal Sustainable Procurement Guidelines. The Town also has a number of construction and waste requirements for all corporate construction, including the reuse and recycling of concrete and asphalt.

We aim to reduce landfill production by contributing to achieve our 80% waste division target using internal recycling and composting programs, responsibly managing any hazardous goods, and offering recycling in facilities. Additionally, the Town has implemented a default double-sided printer setting, as suggested in our Printing Guidelines, and encourages reduced printer use. The Town also aims to incorporate recycling and compost in Town events whenever possible!