Social Wellness Framework

A framework to guide the Town in building a safe, connected, caring, and creative community.

Social wellness is one of three components of community sustainability, integrating and overlapping with economic and environmental sustainability. The Town of Okotoks has embraced a commitment to a sustainable future, which is embodied in its Vision Statement.

Social Wellness Framework Process

In January 2010, the Town of Okotoks embarked on a process to develop a Social Wellness Framework. Working with the Social Wellness Framework Steering Committee, Marleen Morris & Associates designed and implemented a process that included:

  • A literature review undertaken to explore the range of definitions and approaches to social wellness. The review focused on the academic literature on the subject, as well as on plans and reports from other jurisdictions.
  • A review of past reports undertaken for and by the Town of Okotoks in order to ensure that the Social Wellness Framework considered related priorities and directions.
  • An environmental scan to provide a profile of the demographic characteristics of Okotoks and insight into the types of pressures and opportunities it is facing in the coming years.
  • A survey of Okotoks residents to obtain feedback about priorities with regard to the seven components of community social wellness and to gauge how well they feel Okotoks is doing on those priorities. This research included a survey designed specifically for youth (ages 13- 19).
  • An inventory of programs and services that have an impact on social wellness. This included the identification of the extent and nature of unmet demand for programs and services.
  • Focus groups with a broad cross-section of residents including youth, young families, seniors, the business community and new immigrants to probe more deeply the seven aspects of social wellness.
Social Wellness Framework Results
  • A set of indicators that may be tracked over time to monitor and report on the state of social wellness in Okotoks.
  • A framework for action on social wellness that includes recommendations to address the issues and concerns related to social wellness.
  • A clear understanding of community values with respect to the aspects of social wellness identified.
  • A map of programs and services offered in Okotoks that have an impact on social wellness, including the nature and extent of unmet demand for programs and services.