Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

What is the TIPP?

The monthly tax payment plan allows taxpayers to make automatic monthly payments for taxes rather than a single annual payment.

How does TIPP work?

TIPP runs from January to December each year with the first payment starting January 1. The first six monthly payments are based on the previous year's tax levy. As a result of increases or decreases to the annual levy, changes to installment amounts will be effective for the last six payments of the year. You will be notified on the tax notice of the total amount of installments paid to date and the new installment amount required for the remaining six payments in that year.

Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from your bank account at a financial institution. A direct withdrawal form must be completed before participation in the plan.  The Town of Okotoks does not charge for this service.

NOTE: Current participants do not need to reapply.

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Why should I use the TIPP?

When property taxes become due, most people find it difficult to pay their property taxes in a single large tax payment. Monthly installments divide the large payment into smaller payments to make monthly budgeting easier. Participants are not subject to late payment penalties.

Who can use the TIPP?

You can join the plan if you meet the following requirements:

  • If your tax account is paid up to date (i.e. if joining in June, taxes for January to May of the current year must be paid plus any arrears owing)
  • If you have banking privileges at a financial institution

If you currently remit taxes with your mortgage payment, your mortgage company must agree to waive that requirement.

How can I get set up on the Monthly Tax Payment Plan?

Download the TIPP application form on this webpage.  You can also obtain a form at the Municipal Center or by printing off a hard copy, completing the form and mailing it in to The Town of Okotoks, PO Box 20, Station Main, Okotoks AB T1S 1K1 along with a copy of a void cheque.

Withdrawal/ Non-Payment

You may withdraw from the plan at any time by giving written notice at least two weeks before the next payment date.  At time of withdrawal, all outstanding taxes become due and are subject to penalties in accordance with the Town bylaw.

Any payment that is returned from your financial institution is subject to a service fee and may result in termination of the plan.  If termination occurs, all outstanding taxes become due and are subject to penalties in accordance with the Town bylaw.

Changes to your Tax Roll Account

Any account changes in terms of prepayment or payment of utility arrears that are transferred to taxes, must be paid two weeks prior to the following withdrawal date.  If payments are made online, please send an email confirmation to taxes@okotoks.ca.

If you change your bank account number, please advise the Town of Okotoks by providing a new VOID cheque or filling out an on-line TIPP form.  To allow time administrative changes, you must notify the Town at least two weeks prior to the next payment date.

What happens if I sell my property during the year?

When your property is sold, participants are requested to inform the Town in writing at least two weeks in advance of the next payment. All installment payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you sell your property, we can provide your solicitor with the most recent tax levy and the total installment payments made to date in the current year.

If you have purchased a new property within the Town and wish to continue on the TIPP program, please reapply with a new TIPP form and void cheque .

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