Permit Inspections

Safety Codes inspections are intended to ensure occupant safety and compliance with all relevant Town bylaws, provincial codes and the Alberta Safety Codes Act.  Safety Codes officers verify that the work complies with safety standards and are able to assist if deficiencies are discovered with your project.  By obtaining a permit and completing all inspections required, current and future owners can be assured that the project complies to provincial standards.  Inspections are part of the permit process and are included in the application fees.  Your permit is not completed until the work has passed the inspection process. 

More Information
Safety Codes Permit Inspection Bookings
  • Building and HVAC inspections (Monday - Friday)
  • Plumbing, gas and electrical inspections (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Inspection requests are based on availability:
    • Call 403-995-6304 or submit online request below:


Inspection Requirements
  • Prior to booking a framing inspection, all rough-in work and inspections for mechanical, plumbing, gas and electrical must be completed.
  • Prior to a final building inspection, all mechanical, plumbing, gas and electrical must be completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to schedule inspections at the specified stages of construction for all disciplines.
  • All inspections will be booked based on availability. Confirmation of inspection date will be confirmed by email.
How to Cancel an Inspection?

Submit the form below one business day prior to scheduled inspection.