Naming & Addressing

Municipal addresses are assigned by the Town of Okotoks to all parcels of land within the Town limits.

Displaying your Address

Under the Addressing Bylaw, landowners are responsible for affixing the assigned addressing to the appropriate structure in a conspicuous place that is plainly visible from the road.  Ensuring that the correct address is clearly displayed on the building will reduce emergency response times.

Naming your Development

Where a development utilizes a name to supplement the address for a property, the owner of the property is required to make an application to the Town.  A decision on the name rests with Council.

Addressing Changes: Subdivision Applications

When subdivision applications are made, new addresses and street names may be required.  Upon tentative plan approval by the Subdivision Authority, the developer can request preliminary addressing for the subdivision area. Once the plan of subdivision has been registered at the Land Titles Office, the preliminary addressing is reviewed to verify if any changes are required and the parcel addresses are finalized.

Addressing Changes: Development Permits

Sometimes a development permit can result in addresses being changed or added. Upon Development Permit Approval by the Development Authority, the developer can request internal addressing for the development or submit addressing plans to Planning Services for review and approval. 

Addressing Changes: Building Permits

As new development is built, new addresses may be required for buildings, building suites, or units within the development. Upon Building Permit Approval, the developer is responsible for applying to Planning Services with addressing plans for any required addressing changes required. Changes required due to a building permit are subject to a fee.

Landowner Requested Change of Address

A landowner may apply to Planning Services to have addresses changed. If Planning Services decides that the change can be accommodated within the current address ranges without violating sequence or parity, the address change can occur. There is a fee to apply for an address change.