Plans & Policies Listing

The Town’s statutory plans set out the framework to guide long range planning and development throughout the Town.

Regional Planning
South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) establishes a long-term vision for the South Saskatchewan Region and includes strategies for responsible energy development, sustainable farming and ranching, recreation, forest management, and nature-based tourism.  Local plans and policies must be in alignment with the SSRP.  See external link below.

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Calgary Metropolitan Region Board

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board approved an Interim Growth Plan and Interim Regional Evaluation Framework that  guides the land use, growth and infrastructure planning on an interim basis, prior to the development and approval of the long-term Growth Plan and Servicing Plan.   All new statutory plans and amendments that propose to establish more than 50 lots must demonstrate how they meet the principles, objectives and policies of the Interim Growth Plan.  See external links below.

Interim Growth Plan


Statutory Plans & Bylaws
Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Town of Okotoks/Muncipal District of Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan is a long-range planning document that identifies our relationship with our municipal neighbours, and the nature of land use integration between the municipalities.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan is the primary long-range planning document that establishes a holistic vision for the Town that guides overall growth and development for the Town.

Municipal Development Plan

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw is a planning tool that regulates development within the Town and implements the principles and policies of the Okotoks Municipal Development Plan. It divides the Town into districts that direct where residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development may occur and how it may be developed. Every home or business owner is impacted by the Land Use Bylaw. Whether you are trying to determine how high your fence can be or if they can build a shopping centre next door, the Land Use Bylaw is the place to look.   The Land Use Bylaw is adopted by Council and can only be amended by Council, following public input.

Land Use Bylaw

Addressing Bylaw

Regulates the orderly numbering of all parcels of land and buildings within Okotoks.

Addressing Bylaw

Planning Policies & Guidelines

Topic specific policies and guidelines that provide a greater level of detail and guidance to implement higher order statutory plans and bylaws.

Acquisition of Land for Municipal Purposes

Provides guidelines for how the Town can acquire land for municipal purposes.

Acquisition of Land for Municipal Purposes policy

Assigning or Revising Addresses for Parcels & Structures

Provides guidelines for how municipal addressing is assigned and revised within Okotoks.

Addressing Guidelines

Encroachment Policy

Mandates when and where encroachments are permitted on or into public lands, easements and municipal right-of-ways.

Encroachment Policy

Extension of Utility Services Beyond Town Boundary

Provides a guidelines on consideration of service extensions and requests for service extensions beyond the Town Boundaries.

Extension of Utility Services Beyond Town Boundary  POLICY

General Design and Construction Specifications

Establishes the detailed specifications for design and construction within the Okotoks.

General Design and Construction Specifications

Guidelines for the Disposal of Roadways, PUL Lots and Walkways
Land Use Classification Sign Guidelines

Provides guidelines for creation and approval of Land Use Classification Signs that are required for new development areas.

Land Use Classification Sign Guidelines

Naming of Roadways, Parks, Neighbourhoods, and Facilities

Provides guidelines for the naming of public roadways, parks, neighbourhoods, and facilities.

Naming of Roadways, Parks, Neighbourhoods, and Facilities Policy

New Neighbourhood Signage

Provides guidance and requirements on signs that advertise new neighbourhoods.

New Neighbourhood SIGNAGE POLICY

Okotoks Flood Plain

Provides guidance to the consideration of servicing and development with the floodplain or flood hazard areas of the Town.

Okotoks Flood Plain Policy

Outdoor Seating Areas in Public Areas

Provides guidelines for seasonal outdoor seating areas (i.e. sidewalk patios) within public property.

Outdoor Seating Areas in Public AREAS POLICY

Pageantry Features for New Neighbourhoods

Establishes the requirements for land developments to advertise new neighbourhoods along public roads.

Pageantry Features for New Neighbourhoods Policy

Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocols

Procedural standards and review considerations for municipal consideration of radiocommunication equipment (e.g. cell towers) pursuant to the Radiocommunication Act.

Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocols

Water Allocation

Establishes the requirements for managing of water capacity to new development areas based on overall availability of water licensing.

Water Allocation Policy

Water Allocation Policy Administrative Clarification

Development Concept Plan

Development Concept Plans establish a cohesive development concept and development guidelines for commercial and mixed use areas identified in higher order Area Structure Plans and Outline Plans. They include detail on matters such as the layout, building design styles, parking, and access, of a specific area. Development Concept Plans are typically required to provide compatibility of commercial or mixed-use node that is built in phases.