West Okotoks Area Structure Plan

West Okotoks Area Structure Plan
The Town of Okotoks has initiated work on the developer-funded West Okotoks Area Structure Plan (ASP).

What is an ASP?
Under the Municipal Government Act, an ASP provides a framework for subsequent subdivision and development of an area of land and describes the proposed sequence of development, the general land uses, the density of population, the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities, and other matters considered necessary for development.

West Okotoks ASP Project Team
The ASP Project Team comprises several major landowners within the plan area including Tristar Communities, and NewNorth Projects Ltd. The team is also includes a number of consultants including B&A Planning Group, MPE Engineering and Watt Consulting Group.

The West Okotoks ASP was adopted by Okotoks Town Council on April 27, 2020. 

For additional information, visit the project developer's website: Official West Okotoks ASP Website

More Information
​West Okotoks ASP Area

The West Okotoks ASP area spans just over a thousand acres and is located within the annexed area of Okotoks. 

Alignment with Long-Term Municipal Planning Goals & Policies

One of the main drivers for both the annexation and the West Okotoks ASP stem from the Town’s identified need for additional land supply to accommodate long-term sustainable growth to 80,000 residents.  In order to ensure a holistic approach, the West Okotoks ASP process will move forward in conjunction with the Town’s Municipal Development Plan and Growth Management Strategy review. Together, these planning initiatives will help successfully define the vision for the Town and set the framework to guide sustainable, long term growth and development. 

West Okotoks ASP Goals

The West Okotoks Area Structure Plan will:

  • Identify opportunities and constraints to development
  • Establish a regional road network and community boundaries
  • Prepare generalized land use uses for the ASP and accompanying Land Use Policy for Council adoption
  • Identify:
    • Commercial/employment areas
    • Residential development
    • School site allocation
  • Locate regional and community facilities
  • Identify environmentally significant areas
  • Establish infrastructure requirements including:
    • internal road network
    • municipal servicing
Community Consultation, Next Steps & Contact Information

The West Okotoks ASP project team has been undertaking public and stakeholder engagement as part of the application process. A number of meetings with a range of stakeholders including plan area landowners, school divisions, regulatory bodies, and utilities service providers were held throughout 2017 to assist in the development of the first draft area structure plan. A resident's information session was held in June 2018.  

A revised draft West Okotoks Area Structure Plan (ASP) was submitted to the Town of Okotoks in February 2019. The submission incorporated feedback received from the Town, external circulation and previous stakeholder engagement including the June 2018 resident information session. Since the submission, the Town has reviewed the document and provided additional feedback. The project team has updated the draft plan and a revised West Okotoks ASP has been prepared.

A follow-up open house was held on June 19, 2019 and further refinements have been made to the draft ASP.   The West Okotoks ASP was adopted by Okotoks Town Council on April 27, 2020. 

For more information please contact:
Colin Gainer, Senior Planner, Town of Okotoks
Ph: 403-995-2759

Martha McClary, Communications and Engagement Specialist, B&A Planning Group
Ph: 403-692-5230
Email: engage@westokotoksasp.com