Business Fire Safety Inspection

Reminder to Local Business Owners that Okotoks Fire Services annual commercial fire inspections for 2020 are underway.

Please ensure you are prepared for our arrival – including a current fire extinguisher inspection.

Annual inspections are covered under the cost of your Business License, however if multiple visits are required before compliancy is achieved, the business owner is subject to charges as per the Rates & Fees Bylaw. 

The Okotoks Fire Department inspects all commercial properties in town to ensure emergency lighting, alarm and sprinkler systems are all operating optimally in the event of a fire or emergency.  The fire department will check to ensure access to emergency exits and any electrical/furnace rooms are accessible and that all fire extinguishers have been inspected annually and are in good working order.  Ceiling tiles should be intact to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.  

Commercial fire inspections are completed approximately one year from the time of the last inspection.  For more information on commercial fire inspections please call 403-938-4066.

Fire Safety Systems - Guideline for Business Owners


Step 1 – Pre-Inspection Checklist

Responsibility:  Applicant

Timeline: Applicant-driven

This checklist summary of the Alberta Fire Code and National Fire Prevention Association Code must be completed by the property OWNER.

After submission, your fire inspection will be scheduled within 72 hours. Fee $100.

Business Fire Pre-Inspection Checklist

Step 2 – Schedule Inspection

Responsibility: Fire Services

Timeline: Up to 72 hour

Fire Services Administration will book the inspection based on availability of a Safety Codes Officer. An email is then sent to the applicant confirming the date and time of the inspection.  Inspections are conducted during regular business hours Monday to Friday and are typically completed within 24 hours but it may take up to 72 hours.  Applicants must make themselves available during the appointment time.

Step 3 – Fire Inspection

Responsibility: Applicant and Fire Services

Timeline: Under 1 hour

If deficiencies are found, the business owner is given a re-inspection date by which the premises must be brought into compliance. A copy of the unsatisfactory inspection is emailed to the owner outlining the deficiencies that need to be addressed. Multiple inspections are subject to additional fees.

Once the inspection is satisfactory, a copy of the inspection is issued and emailed to the Business Owner and to Town of Okotoks Business Licensing.

Okotoks Fire Services