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Fire Permits

For large fires such as bonfires, thawing fires, or fires required for other reasons, a burn permit must be obtained from Okotoks Fire Services. These fires must still use clean and dry burning materials.

Please note that even with a burn permit, fires cannot be lit or continue to burn if winds exceed 30 km/hour nor do permits provided. For permits please contact Okotoks Fire Services 403-938-4066.

The town may ban all fires if conditions become dry enough. Contact the Okotoks Fire Department at 403-938-4066 if you have any doubts. 

The permits and bylaw in relation to fire apply only to the Town of Okotoks. For information on burning in the MD of Foothills, see their website.

Fire Pits

Open burning for cooking or recreational purposes contained within a non-combustible receptacle is allowed, and does not require a permit.

Persons may have a fire in an approved fire pit without obtaining a burn permit. The fire pit must be constructed from non-combustible materials. The fire pit cannot be located in the front yard, and must be at least 2 metres from any structure or property line. It cannot be located beneath any tree or tree branches. The fire must use clean and dry burning materials that do not contain any preservatives. Any embers, sparks or smoke must not endanger any person or property, or bother anyone on the nearby properties.

If someone contravenes any of these conditions then the fire department may order the fire extinguished or extinguish it, and may order relocation of the fire pit. Common sense should prevail, so the fire should be of a reasonable size and a means of extinguishing the fire should be readily available. 

Fire Forms
Form NameDescription
Permit to BurnThis form is required to request an open burn.


Fire Permits
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