Smoking Bylaw amendment

The Town of Okotoks has recently passed a new Smoking Bylaw to protect the health and well being of residents and to prepare for the legalization of cannabis. This new municipal bylaw is consistent with current approaches to regulating all forms of smoking and is consistent with current provincial legislation.
“The Town’s new Smoking Bylaw reflects current trends that have been occurring in Alberta municipalities over the last few years, and strikes a balance between the rights of individuals to smoke and the right to be free from second-hand smoke,” says Municipal Enforcement Manager Kelly Stienwand.
The most significant changes will be a 10 meter smoking restriction from any public pathway, public sidewalk or a child under the age of 18 who is not in an individual’s direct custody or control.
Under this new bylaw, smoking includes: inhaling, exhaling, burning, or having control over a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, hookah pipe, or other lighted or heated device or apparatus designed to burn, heat, or vaporize, tobacco, cannabis, any other weed, or any other substance for the purpose of inhaling or tasting its emissions.  
The Town will be providing designated smoking areas around town facilities to assist the public in adapting to the new changes.
The Town has added an online application form to apply for a designated smoking area permit for businesses who find the bylaw’s requirements create an undue hardship due to their geographical location.
The Town has also prepared for the legalization of cannabis by implementing a Cannabis Consumption Bylaw (link), which prohibits smoking, vaping or consuming cannabis in any public place. This bylaw is very similar to current regulations around alcohol and consistent with the approach taken by the City of Calgary.
To apply for a Designated Smoking Area, please click here.
How can I apply for my business to have a Designated Smoking Area?

As per Section 4.1 of Bylaw 34-18, you can apply for a Designated Smoking if your business doesn't meet the criteria below:

a) the restrictions of this bylaw reasonably create an undue hardship for any designated public place;

b) the presence of multiple public sidewalks or public pathways leading to a municipal building, public building or workplace create an unreasonable restriction;

c) there are no reasonable alternatives to establishing a designated smoking area;

d) the presence of a designated smoking area would not reasonably create a risk to the health and wellbeing of the general public; and

e) the designated smoking area does not exceed a 6 metre diameter.