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Black Garbage Cart

The Town of Okotoks provides a 120L black garbage cart as part of its cart collection program. Residents have the option to choose from two other cart sizes based on usage and each size of cart has a corresponding fee associated with it.

Black garbage cart sizes & options

  • Small (120L) Black Garbage Cart (standard)
    The standard cart has a capacity of approximately two standard garbage bags*
  • Medium (180L) Black Garbage Cart
    The medium cart has a capacity of approximately three standard garbage bags*

  • Large (240L) Black Garbage Cart 
    The large cart has a capacity of approximately four standard garbage bags*

* A standard bag holds approximately 60L, with a rated weight of 15kg.

Request a different cart size

The solution for occasional excess garbage

Excess Bags
Excess Yellow Garbage Bag

For the odd time you exceed your weekly garbage cart limit, purchase an official Town excess garbage bag. Bags are available at the Municipal Centre, Recreation Centre, Sobeys and Safeway.

Cost per bag: see waste fees


More information on rates can be found in the Waste Services Fees section.

NOTE: There is a $25 service fee for each requested change in cart size.

Cart repairs, replacement, or size change

For information on cart repairs, replacement or size change visit the Cart FAQ page

Frequency of collection

Black garbage carts are picked up weekly on your household's designated waste collection day. Please refer to the collection schedule below for specific details.

Find your collection day or use the Waste Wizard if you are unsure where to place an item

For further information please contact Waste Services through the online form.