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Blue Recycling Cart

Blue recycling cart sizes & options

The Town of Okotoks provides a 240L blue recycling cart as part of its cart collection program.

An additional cart can be requested based on household needs:


There is an additional charge for an extra cart. More information on rates can be found in the Waste Services Fees section.

NOTE: There is a $25 service fee for each requested change in cart size.

Cart repairs, replacement, or size change

For information on cart repairs, replacement or size change click here.

Frequency of collection

Blue recycling carts are picked up weekly on your household's designated waste collection day. Please refer to the collection schedule below for specific details.

Blue cart - tips for preparing your recyclables

Using your blue cart is easy and convenient. For more information on common recycling questions visit our FAQ Page.

Place items in loose

Don't put recyclables in the garbage or in blue recycling bags.

Remember: If you use bags to collect your recyclables, be sure to empty your recyclables loose into your blue cart.

The only items that should not be placed in your blue cart loose are:

  1. Plastic bags: these should be bundled together in one plastic bag, and
  2. Shredded paper: this should be placed inside a transparent plastic bag

Learn more about why

Clean off food and other residue

Rinse bits of food and other residue from your food containers. Labels can be left on the containers.

Keep recyclables inside the cart

If you have extra recyclables that won't fit inside your cart:

  • Flatten boxes to create extra room in your cart.
  • Hang on to your extra recyclables for next week's collection.
  • Bring extra recyclables to the Okotoks Eco Centre.
Find your collection day or use the Waste Wizard (where to place an item)