• Universal Cart Program

Green Organics Cart

All food, pet and yard waste are accepted in the green organics cart.

Green organics cart sizes & options

The Town of Okotoks provides a standard 120L green organics cart as part of its cart collection program. 

A large (240L) green organics cart option is also available to meet varying household needs:


There is a cost difference between the standard (120L) and large (240L) green organics cart. More information on rates can be found in the Waste Services Fees Section.

NOTE: There is a $25 service fee for each requested change in cart size.

Cart repairs, replacement, or size change

For information on cart repairs, replacement or size change click here.

Frequency of collection

Green organics carts are picked up on your household's designated waste collection day:

  • Weekly from May to the end of October
  • Every two weeks from November to the end of April.
  • Did you know you can drop off extra bags of grass and leaves at The Town of Okotoks Eco Centre? Here are options that you can consider if your green cart is full:
    • Store your extra bags of grass and leaves on your property until your next collection day
    • Upsize your cart

Please refer to the collection schedule below for specific details.

Using your green cart

Using your green cart is easy and convenient. For more information on composting and organics visit our FAQ page.

Four easy steps for using your green cart

Step One: 

Put a compostable bag liner or newspaper inside the kitchen pail. Store the pail in a convenient location in your kitchen.


Step Two: 

Toss all your food waste into the kitchen pail.

Step Three: 

When your kitchen pail is full, tie the handles of the compostable bag or fold up your newspaper and place it into your green cart.

Step Four: 

Designated collection day: The green cart for organics is picked up weekly from May to October and then bi-weekly November to April.

Tips for using your kitchen pail
  • Store your kitchen catcher under the sink or on the counter for easy access.
  • Use a compostable bag liner or newspaper in your kitchen pail.
  • Keep the lid of the kitchen pail closed.
  • Freeze meat and fish waste until collection day - especially during warm weather.
  • Empty your kitchen pail into your green cart frequently.
  • Clean your kitchen pail with hot water or in your dishwasher.
  • Please do not set your kitchen pail out for collection.
Tips for using your green cart
  • Put your green cart out for collection every week (bi-weekly Nov to Apr) even if it's not full.  
  • Store your green cart in your garage, or in another shady spot in warm weather.
  • Rinse your cart and pour the dirty water onto grass/gravel, not down the storm drain.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of vinegar or baking soda to absorb and reduce odour.
  • Line your green cart with newspaper or a large compostable bag to ensure any loose organics do not freeze in the cart over the winter months.
Compostable bags and other alternatives

Using compostable bags is an easy way to keep your kitchen pail clean and reduce odours as part of using your green cart.  

Where to buy compostable bags

When you're buying compostable bags, look for the certified compostable logos on the box. Some examples of retailers who would have certified compostable bags in Okotoks would be grocery stores, hardware stores, drugstores, and pet stores.

Did you know?

Biodegradable and compostable are not the same thing! Biodegradable bags don’t decompose – they are made with plastic, or other non-compostable materials, that just break down into smaller pieces. Compostable bags are made from food by-products like corn starch and will decompose at our facility.

Make your own compostable kitchen pail liner or bag

Wrapping food waste in newspapers or flyers is another alternative to compostable bags. Follow this quick kitchen pail liner guide to make a kitchen pail liner at home. For best results use three or four full sheets of newsprint.

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