Seasonal Waste Programs

Learn all about our seasonal programs such as our weekly organic collection from May to October, free compost giveaways, Christmas tree chipping and more!

Weekly Organic Collection May to October

Managing your Grass and Leaves

  • A great way to manage your grass clippings is to grasscycle (or mulch).
  • For occasional overages, save your yard waste organics (grass, leaves and branches) for next collection day.
    • All individual branches must be less than 1m (3') long, and must not exceed 7cm (2.8") in diameter and placed in your green cart.
  • Consider dropping off grass clippings and leaves (no branches) at the Eco Centre’s drop off bins.  
  • Extra grass and leaves can  also be dropped-off at the Foothills Regional Landfill.
  • If you consistently overflow your 120L green organics cart, consider doubling your capacity by upsizing to a 240L green cart. To double your capacity it only costs $3.74/ bi-monthly on your utility bill.


Free Compost Giveaway

Twice each year, the Town makes free compost available to the public. Quantities are limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis until the compost is gone. Dates fluctuate but are typically in May and October of each year.

Just bring your shovel, a pail and transportation to self-haul your free compost home.

Residents are responsible for loading compost into their own vehicle.

The compost pick-up area is located at the east side of the Eco Centre parking lot (left of the main entrance gate). 

Christmas Tree Pick-up

Every year the Town collects and chips hundreds of Christmas trees to keep them out of the landfill. To ensure your tree gets chipped, watch for set-out and chipping dates to be announced in mid-December each year.

Here are a few important rules to follow to ensure your tree gets collected:

  • Place your tree out at your regular collection area no later than the announce cut-off date (2020: trees must be out by January 13)
  • Lay tree on its side.
  • Trees in bags, or with ornaments, tinsel, wires, or plastic etc. will not be picked up or accepted at the chipping site. 
  • Small  treees can be cut up and placed in the green organics cart.
  • Town crews go from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and may not be in your area on the same day as your waste collection day. That's why it's important to have your tree out by the cut-off date.
  • Real/cut pine boughs, wreaths etc. should be placed in your green organics carts IF all decorative items (bows, wires, plastic baubles etc.) have been removed. If wreaths are wrapped around metal wiring or frames they must be deconstructed to separate tree pieces from metals and plastics. If that can’t be done, the wreaths must go in your garbage cart.

Drop-off location

Trees not placed out by the cut-off date can be self-hauled to the north-east corner parking lot of the Operations Centre 100-1118 North Railway Street. (Trees will be accepted until January 31, 2020).

Other waste events

In addition to these seasonal programs, there are also many environmental events that happen throughout the year that can help you increase your waste diversion. Some of those include Repair Cafes, composting workshops, clothing exchanges, document shredding, curbside giveaway day and more. 

Environmental Events

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