Waste Collection Schedule

Garbage, organics and recycling are collected Tuesday-Friday every week in Okotoks. (NOTE: Organics is collected every second week from November through April.)

Look up your collection day
Online Collection Schedule Tool (My Okotoks Waste)

Use our online collection schedule tool to double-check your garbage, recycling, and organics pick-up day. It's important to note your organics collection days, especially during the months of November through April when your green cart is collected every second week.

How can you ensure you always know your collection day?
  • Download the free Okotoks Waste app 
    (Available on Apple app store or Google Play store)
  • Look up your Collection Day Schedule, and sign up for personalized collection day reminders. These are great for changes over Christmas and collection disruptions due to snow storms etc.
  • Remember collection now happens on most stat holidays that fall between Tuesday and Friday, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Check the schedule and sign up for personalized reminders to ensure you never miss a collection day.
  • See printable map below
Printable Calendars, Zones and Maps

Find out what neighbourhood and zone you are in, as well as your collection day!

Neighbourhoods, Zones and Collection Days
NeighbourhoodCollection DayZone
Air RanchThursday5
Central HeightsTuesday1
Cimarron EstatesFriday7
Cimarron GroveFriday8
Cimarron MeadowsFriday7
Cimarron ParkFriday8
Cimarron SpringsFriday8
Cimarron VistaFriday8
Crystal GreenThursday6
Crystal ShoresTuesday2
Downey RidgeThursday6
Drake LandingThursday5
Heritage OkotoksWednesday4
Hunters GlenWednesday4
Sheep RiverWednesday4
Tower HillTuesday2
Town Collection Map

Interested in seeing the collection schedule for the entire town? Click the link below!

Town collection Map

Frequently Asked Questions
Why did the Town change the waste collection schedule days?

Waste collection days changed for some residents to better accommodate the population growth Okotoks has experienced over the last 10+ years, to prepare the town for future growth, and to allow for more efficient pick-up routes (less time used to travel from one zone to another).

The schedule change came into effect January 8, 2019. 

The new collection schedule was reconfigured to make routes more synchronized and efficient to:

  • Reduce schedule changes due to stat holidays by eliminating Monday collections (63% reduction in changes in 2019),
  • Reduce waste, organics and recycling truck traffic in residential neighbourhoods,
  • Lessen wear and tear on town streets from the reduced frequency of heavy truck traffic,
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the full news release

How does this waste collection schedule change benefit me?
  • By eliminating Monday collection, you will notice fewer changes in schedules due to stat holidays. Eliminating collection on Mondays will result in a 63% reduction in collection date changes overall. 
  • You'll notice less waste truck traffic in your neighbourhood. 
  • This schedule change helps the Town streamline processes and create efficiencies in the event of inclement weather or equipment failure.
  • No carts on residential streets on Mondays will also allow better coordination of street sweeping and snow clearing in residential neighbourhoods
When did the waste collection schedule change come into effect?

This schedule modification came into effect January 8, 2019. 

Do all my carts (garbage, organics and recycling) get collected on the same day?

Yes. Set out all 3 carts to be collected on the same day. There was no change to collection set out times.

Please ensure that all items are placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on your scheduled day to ensure pick-up. 

What can I do to ensure I don't miss a collection day?

The Town has an easy-to-use online notification tool that offers a simple way to help ensure you never miss a collection day again! Using just your address, you can access your own personalized Collection Schedule. With this tool you can:

  1. Import your personalized Collection Schedule to your online iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar
  2. View, download (PDF), or print your personalized Collection Schedule
  3. Sign up for personalized reminders by email, voicemail or Twitter.
  4. Download the Okotoks Waste Mobile App. The app will help you keep track of your collection days, special collection days, upcoming waste and recycling events, collection changes, identify 'what goes where' and more. 
What happens when a stat holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?

As part of schedule changes made earlier this year, and as an enhanced service to residents, the Town wants to ensure residents know that waste collection will now occur as usual on most stat holiday that fall Tuesday through Friday.

With collection now happening on most stat holidays, residents will only see two days per year where collection days will change, which are Christmas Day and New Years day. Collection may fall the day before or the day after these stat holidays to keep workloads manageable. When a stat holiday is approaching, check the mobile app or online schedule to ensure you know what day your collection is moving to. Or better yet, sign up for reminders so you get a convenient reminder anytime there is a change to your collection day due to holidays, snowstorms, equipment breakdowns etc!

Residents are being asked to assist drivers with collection on stat holidays, especially in cul-de-sacs, by:

  • moving carts out from between parked cars (or move cars altogether when possible).
  • placing carts out by 7 AM (as usual) – our drivers will be out bright and early as usual, even though it’s a stat holiday. If planning a sleep in, please put carts out the night before.

If carts are not placed out on the stat holiday, households will need to wait until their next scheduled collection for pick up.

What if I live in a multi-family complex - will my garbage collection day change?

If you live in a multi-family complex that is serviced by the Town of Okotoks, your collection day may have changed. 

If your collection is managed by a private contractor your complex would not be impacted.

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Closed weekends and stat holidays.
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