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The Town of Okotoks embraced the idea of evolving the community’s waste management initiatives in 2009, when Council adopted its first Resource Recovery Plan. In alignment with the Province’s, ‘Too Good to Waste” Program, the 2009 Plan set an aggressive 80% community wide waste diversion rate from landfill by 2015. While many of the Plan’s key strategies were implemented (residential automated garbage cart collection, curbside recycling and yard waste collection programs etc.), the Town did not achieve an 80% waste diversion rate by 2015.

Through the evolution of existing service options, rapid population growth and a shift in the Town’s long range growth plans, the existing Plan required revision. In the fall of 2014 Administration created the 2020 Waste Management Plan. Through the implementation of the revised strategies and progressive programs contained within the 2020 Plan, Okotoks renews it commitment to working towards achieving an 80% waste diversion rate by 2020 and once a again being one of the municipal leaders within this field.

Town Council approved the 2020 Waste Management Plan in principle at the December 15, 2014 Town Council Meeting.

The supporting 2016 Implementation Program was developed by Administration throughout 2015 and was approved by Town Council at the November 9, 2015 Town Council Meeting.

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The 2020 Plan's Key Strategies

The following key strategies have been proposed within the Plan:

  • Revise the existing resource recovery utility to align philosophically with the Town’s water utility; a conservation based user pay system.
  • Revise the rates to incent / reward waste diversion from landfill programs (recycling and organic waste).
  • Implement a bylaw for Multi-Family and the IC&I Sector facilities to provide on-site single source commingled recycling and organic waste collection services.
  • Evolve all Town-based services (facilities, open space and community events) to include advanced recycling and organic waste diversion options.
  • Progress C&D waste management initiatives in alignment with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s (AESRD) implementation of their Extended Producer Responsibility Program.

The following key strategies have been implemented:

  • Evolve the Town’s subscription based Residential Recycling Collection (Blue Cart) Program to a residential-wide program.
  • Implement a residential-wide Organic Waste Collection (Green Cart) Program.
  • Evolve the Recycling Centre into an Eco Centre, providing a ‘one stop’ location for the recycling and safe disposal of excess and niche materials.
Multi-Family and Non Residential Recycling and Organics Collection

The 18-16 Waste Bylaw includes the implementation of the following:

  • On-site recycling collection requirements for multi-family premises by July 2017.
  • On-site organics collection requirements for multi-family premises by January 2018.
  • On-site recycling collection requirements for businesses by January 2018.
  • On-site organics collection requirements for businesses by January 2019.
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