Fluoride Removal

In accordance with the Town of Okotoks' Water System Approval # 1029-03-00 (issued December 13, 2012), the addition of fluoride into the town's drinking water ceased effective December 20, 2012. The Town monitors the quality of water in the Sheep River watersheds. Results are made public in the annual Water Quality Report. Fluoride naturally occurs in the Sheep River in concentrations varying throughout the year, between 0.22 and 0.23 mg/L.

An alternative program for access to oral health examination and topical fluoride varnish for children aged 12-25 months was developed in partnership with Alberta Health Services and the Primary Care Network and continues to be administered through the Okotoks Healthy Family Resource Center. For more information on the alternative program please contact Family and Community Support Services at 403-938-8935.

Background on Fluoride Removal from Town of Okotoks' Water Supply

Council Motion on Fluoride Removal - Unadopted Minutes with respect to fluoridation which were passed by Council:


That Council repeal the existing fluoridation bylaw and direct Administration to apply to Alberta Environment to discontinue the insertion of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid into Okotoks' public drinking water.


That Council direct Administration to consult with Alberta Health Services to ensure a program is in place to provide topical fluoride treatments and/or fluoridated toothpaste to assist individuals at risk of dental caries.


History of Fluoride in Okotoks' Water Supply

Prior to the removal of fluoride to the municipal water supply, it was added to the water treatment process in a concentration of 0.75 mg/L on average per month following Alberta Environment water system approvals that are based on Health Canada's recommendations. Health Canada's maximum acceptable concentration of fluoride in water is 1.5mg/L.

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