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Storm Water System

The storm sewer and drainage system consists of 117 kms of main lines and approximately 2,000 catch basins and 1,460 manholes and is tied to the transportation network surface network. The Town has 15 main outfalls to the Sheep River from the storm sewer system (8 on the north, 7 on the south).

Swales & Storm Drainage

Surface drainage facilities, include concrete swales (channels or gutters), grassed swales, walkways and easements.  Bylaw 18-13 requires surface drainage facilities be kept clear of debris and obstructions including, but not limited to, dirt, soil, leaves, snow and ice at all times.  Retaining walls, terraces, gardens, play structures or sheds cannot be constructed or places in this area.

In heavy runoff events, it's possible for these systems to become full of rainwater/snow melt; any obstructions could cause flooding.

Concrete swales commonly run along the back or side of residential properties.  If a fence must be built over a concrete swale, you must provide at least 0.15 metres (six inches) of clearance between the bottom of the fence and the top of the swale.

For more information, please view the Storm Drainage Homeowner Info, Swales Property Owner Responsibilities and Storm Drainage Bylaw 18-13 info below.

Storm Drainage Bylaw 18-13 Homeowner Information
Grass/Concrete Swales Property Owner Responsibilities
Storm Drainage Bylaw 18-13

If there are problems with the drainage on your property, your first contact should be with your builder.  If the issues are not resolved, contact Engineering Services at 403-995-2760 or Operations at 403-938-4372.

Stormwater Management Master Plan & Flood Mitigation Plan

ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. (ISL) was commissioned by the Town of Okotoks to develop a Stormwater Management Master Plan and Flood Mitigation Plan for the Town. This project was initiated as a study to define the existing stormwater drainage system capacity along with the required upgrades, and to define the future drainage planning goals of the undeveloped areas within Town of Okotoks. 

What is a Storm Pond?

Storm water is the water from rainstorms or melting snow that goes into the storm drains (or catch basins) in the road through an underground pipe system to the river.

It is the Town of Okotoks' responsibility to control the volume and quality of storm water that is released into the river. The Town helps ensure appropriate water use and drainage with the Stormwater Master PlanStorm Drainage BylawLot Grading Bylaw, and Community Standards Bylaws.

Storm ponds are vital and necessary part of Okotoks storm water system.  These ponds collect storm water and runoff, trapping sediment and other materials, helping to return cleaner water to our rivers and streams.

What is a Storm Pond Brochure

Yellow Fish Road
Trout Unlimited Canada’s Yellow Fish Road™ program educates the public about the impacts of pollution entering urban storm drains. In most communities, water entering storm drains goes directly into local rivers, streams and lakes untreated. Storm drain pollution can harm fish and wildlife, as well as reduce water quality for human use.
Yellow Fish Road™ volunteers paint “yellow fish” symbols and the words, ‘Rainwater Only’ beside storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures to nearby households. These activities remind people to properly use and safely dispose of hazardous household chemicals, rather than allowing these to enter curb side storm drains.

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