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Utility Rates

2020 Utility Rate Structure (Bi-Monthly Charges)

*in effect as of January 1, 2020.

When it comes to water utility rates the philosophy is straight forward—​the more you use, the more you pay. Below is a breakdown of the rates and fees broken out into consumption tiers:

Residential Utility RatesQuantityRate
Water Base Rate$19.00
Water Consumption  - Tier 10-23 cubic metres$1.55/m3

Water Consumption - Tier 2

24-46 cubic metres*
*new 2020 tier structure

Water Consumption - Tier 346+ cubic metres*
*new 2020 tier structure
Sanitary SewerBase Rate$18.50
Sanitary Sewer Generation*per cubic metre$2.25/m3
Storm Sewer Fixed RateMandatory charge$13.85

Please note the following charges will be applied to individual dwelling units without a meter:

  • Consumption charges (where water meter is not registering accurately or home is without a meter) :
    • ​​Water: $110.00 per billing period
    • Sewer: $100.00 per billing period
  • Manual water meter reading fee: of $17.50 per billing period (for residents who chose not to have a Smart Meter System installed in their household)

*Water used for irrigation purposes will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge on the condition that a separate water meter that measures only irrigation water must be installed and approved as per the Town’s specifications (for multi unit only).

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For information on Waste Services Fees (i.e. garbage, recycling, organics), please click here.

Residential Irrigation Water – Sewer Exemption

Water consumption averaged over the three winter billing periods (December, February and April) will establish the non-irrigation average consumption.

Water volumes consumed over the non-irrigation average consumption will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge during the three summer billing periods (June, August and October).

The guiding principles for setting utility rates are:

  • To promote wise water use, increase water conservation and reduce non-essential water consumption (e.g. irrigation).
  • Long term stabilization of utility revenues.
  • Pricing based primarily on water consumption. Long term objective is that the rates will be based on 90% consumption and 10% fixed charges.
  • Combined water and sewer rates
    • Sewer production based on water consumption
    • Note: summer sewer consumption based on a household’s average winter water consumption (as outdoor watering does not go to the sanitary sewer system for processing).
Bi-Monthly Pre-Authorized Utilities Payment Form
Reducing your water bill!

Here are some very helpful resources to help you monitor and reduce your water consumption and save you money!

Water Meter Portal Sign Up & Set Your Alerts!

Water Meter Portal Sign Up & Set Your Alerts!

Did you know that the Town does not actively monitor your individual daily water consumption, but the new water meter portal allows you to do this for yourself in real-time? The new water portal also allows you to set up high water consumption alerts, which will help you catch an undetected leak before your bill could potentially get very high. 

Portal Benefits

Your new meter and transmitter uses radio frequency (RF) and innovative technology for more accurate billing, reflecting realtime water consumption, providing you with more insight into your consumption habits. The new modernized water infrastructure provides water customers with enhanced water conservation and leak detection information.

Online Customer Portal - Your water has gone digital!

Bi-Monthly Utility Bill Calculator

Estimate your water bill using the NEW Utility Bill Calculator!

Use this calculator in the summertime to keep track of your outdoor water consumption and the direct impact it may have on your next utility bill. Since utility fees are directly linked to usage, this is a great tool to help you save money!


Sign up for a paperless utility bill

Reduce your impact on nature, every little act counts! Get your utility bill sent to your email address instead of receiving a paper bill.

As part of the Town’s ongoing efforts to be environmentally friendly, the Town has offered an e-billing rebate incentive program since April 2018 to encourage residents to go paperless. The rebate will end on December 31, 2019.

Like many other municipalities, the Town plans to move to a full cost recovery philosophy in 2020. A charge of $2 per billing will be added to cover the cost to produce and mail out paper invoices, beginning January 2020, pending budget approval.

Signing up to receive your utility bill by email is easy

Contact us online or call 403-938-8937 with your utility account number or home address!

Municipal Franchise Fees

The vast majority of municipalities in Alberta have franchise fees. 

Municipal Franchise Fees FAQ

What does the Town use these fees for? 

This is a pool of revenues to provide services to the Town.

Why does the Town collect franchise fees?

The fees compensate the Town for direct costs, restrictions on planning and development due to utility rights of way, as well as inherent risks related to utility access.

When was the last increase/change?

January 1, 2017


Jan 1, 2019

NEW  18%

January 1, 1975  


Method C = cost of gas  

Jan 1, 2019

NEW  16%

Method A = cost to deliver the gas

What is the maximum rates allowed under the Alberta Utilities Commission?

Electricity is 20% and for natural gas is 35% under Method A.

What is a franchise fee?

In some municipalities, franchise fees are charged in lieu of municipal property taxes. Utility providers then charge these costs to their customers – the residents, businesses, agencies and others who use electricity and gas. The franchise fees are included in the costs that all utility customers pay.

How will the increase in franchise fees rates affect my utility rates?

Utility providers charge back the franchise fee costs to their customers – the residents, businesses, agencies and others who use electricity and gas.

Why did the Town request an increase to the franchise fees?

The Town is using a two stage process to gradually increase franchise fees towards a level that is comparable to similar size communities and then to achieve a target of 5% total revenue.

Who does the Town collect franchise fees from?

The Town provides utility providers with access to town land on which they locate utility infrastructure such as pipelines for natural gas or wires for electricity distribution. When utility providers run infrastructure on privately owned land, they have to pay rent. It is the same for publicly owned infrastructure. Utility providers are also granted exclusive right to provide a utility service within a municipality. In other words, they are given an exclusive franchise to provide a particular utility service. Franchise agreements are common in the public utility sector, particularly with respect to the delivery of electricity and gas.

Franchise Fee timeline for last approval was:

The franchise fee increases was included in Bylaw 27-18, which had first reading by Town Council on May 14, 2018. Second and third reading was held on December 10, 2018.